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Wine simplified

BOTTL’S aim is to get you to the wine you love quicker. Answer two questions to be presented with a list of wine to your tastes.

Clear quality

Wine at three price points, GOOD, GREAT, SUPERB, plus one SENSATIONAL wine for a clear indication of quality winemaking.

Flexibility & Control

Choose your frequency to make sure you receive your BOTTL box when you want it. Delay and top up at anytime. Put your favourites in your BOTTL bank.
BOTTL is your ultimate wine cellar.

how it works in a nutshell...

1. Choose your colours
2. Define your profiles
3. Pick 6 Bottles
4. Select your frequency

It’s that easy

Try before you subscribe


If you like the idea of BOTTL but want to dip a toe in, before diving head first, pop your BOTTL cherry (or should we say grape) with our BOTTL Opener – a box of 3 wines that encapsulate what BOTTL is all about.

It’s a taster, without the commitment.

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