What is a BOTTL Box?

A BOTTL box is a box of wine with as many or as few wines as you wish delivered to your door at a frequency of your choice. By subscribing to a BOTTL Box we give you 10% off the one-off purchase price.

Not only that, you get to choose your wine every time your next box is due meaning you can switch it up depending on the seasons, the occasions you have coming up or just how you’re feeling. If you don’t choose a new selection, you’ll receive the same wine you chose last time with substitutions at the same price and same taste for any bottles that are out of stock.

As we are super flexible and give you 100% control, you can: – cancel and reactivate the subscription at any time; – change the frequency of your delivery; – and, if you need wine before your next delivery date, you can click SEND NOW to get your order processed the following day. This is all part of our mission to help the nation drink differently: simple, flexible, enjoyable. It’s wine without the headache.

How do I create my BOTTL box?

You select your wine just as you would when making a one-off purchase. Click BUY WINE on the homepage or menu bar.

Use our simple filtering process to create your selection of wines dictated by type and taste, then choose from our selection of GOOD, GREAT, SUPERB and SENSATIONAL wines and add them to your cart. Once you’re happy with your cart, go to checkout, create an account and select subscribe and save before payment – this will automatically take 10% off your cart price and set you up with a BOTTL Box subscription and all the benefits listed above.

Choose Your Wines

How do I choose my next BOTTL Box?

Simply log in and head to the my account area.

Here you will see your last BOTTL box (as a new customer this will be the one you just ordered) and your next BOTTL box. Your next BOTTL box can be edited by deleting wines you don’t want in your next delivery and clicking ‘add more wines’ to take you to the list to choose new wines.

How do I change my frequency or cancel my BOTTL Box?

With our commitment to complete flexibility and putting control firmly in your hands, you can easily change how often your BOTTL Box is delivered and also cancel your subscription from the my account area. On your my account homepage you will see a drop down menu to adjust your frequency and below that a button to cancel your subscription. This will be immediate although any orders that have been placed or automated payments that have been taken will still be processed. The added bonus at BOTTL is that a cancelled subscription can be reactivated with the click of one button so no need to sign up again if you change your mind.


We taste every wine ourselves to curate a list of GOOD, GREAT and SUPERB wines that change with the season.

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