Here’s to making wine simple. Complex yes, confusing no. Easy-drinking anyone?

- To Drink Differently is to find your Bottl. -

Here’s to making wine simple. Complex yes, confusing no. Easy-drinking anyone?

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our four pillars

Wine Simplified

Ever stared blankly at a wall of wine in a supermarket wondering what to choose?

We’ve all been there, faced with that giant wall of wine. Wine can be confusing and a little overwhelming. From old world to new… vineyard, valley or variety, you’re blinded by choice and baffled by language.

You know what you like when you taste it. But how do you know, when you buy it? We believe wine shouldn’t be intimidating or difficult. It should be open.

Without the pretension.

So we created Bottl, to get you to the wine you love quicker.And now we’re on a mission to help the whole nation drink better wine.

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Control & Flexibility

Most wine subscriptions will force a box on you every month. Not Bottl.

You are in control, setting the frequency of delivery in line with the frequency of your drinking. If you want to stock up, add an extra box. If you haven’t finished all 6 bottles, delay your next delivery. It’s that simple.

Before your box is dispatched, you’ll get a reminder to make your selections, Spin the Bottl or continue enjoying What We’re Drinking. If you don’t select we’ll just send you a box according to your previous preference.

No need to worry about a subscription that delivers wine you haven’t chosen at times you don’t need it, but also no need to worry about where or when you’re going to stock up next.

We call that a bin win.

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Wine Confidence

At Bottl we’re re-writing the language of wine to one we all understand. From how we choose our wine, to when we taste it.

When you receive your bottles they have a handy label with their Bottl Notes, reminding you of why you chose them in the first place. Is it Fresh, Juicy or Rich? GOOD, GREAT or SUPERB? Each label will also include all the essential facts you need so you can be sure it’s exactly the wine you want, when you grab it from your rack.

Now you don’t have to be an expert to pick a wine you’ll love, that’s fit for the occasion but if you do want to know more, you’ll find additional info on the individual wine’s webpage. However deep you go, you’ll have everything you need to be confident choosing your Cabernet Sauvignon from your Cabernet Franc.

It’s where you can find your BOTTL, so to speak.

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Quality over Quantity

With BOTTL you choose from fewer, better quality wines, made by people who love their grapes and take pride in their craft. We’ve tasted every one. Very responsible if you ask us.

We often rely on the supermarkets to get our wine, but as with most supermarkets, bulk buying is the order of the day. When that’s translated into the wine world it means large batches of grapes and low quality wine.

Instead at Bottl, we select restaurant quality organic and biodynamic wine from vineyards that often only grow small parcels of grapes, meaning our wine has been made with love and care.

We also have Bottl release days so as the seasons change, so does our list. This way we keep things fresh and you’ll automatically start to enjoy wines of different regions, varieties and producers.

Drink Responsibly. Drink Differently.

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Who are we...

We are the founders of BOTTL
and we want to help you find wines you’ll love.

Matt Picture


Growing up, when I was not at school you could usually find me at my family’s restaurant in town. After managing Carousel Restaurant for 3 years I was approached by Santiago Lastra to help launch KOL in Marylebone. I have since moved on to oversee the beverage programme for the rest of the MJMK group of restaurants including Casa do Frango and Bar La Rampa.

Phil Picture


I’ve an eclectic background in theatre, film and education but wine has always been a constant. With experience working for a famous wine seller as well as in London’s restaurant scene my love of wine has grown over the last 15 years but it is ultimately a result of spending far too much of my salary buying wine that people have always asked me for recommendations and tips. This was the catalyst to set up BOTTL with Matt and we’re delighted you’ve found us.


We taste every wine ourselves to curate a list of GOOD, GREAT and SUPERB wines that change with the season.

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