“Spin the BOTTL” is for…

Fast and easy

In a hurry? Too tired to think? Spin the BOTTL gets you to the wine you love even quicker and with no hassle of having to choose yourself.

Finding hidden gems

With your random selection of 6 spanning our FRESH, JUICY and RICH wines, you'll always find unique bottles in your BOTTL box and expand your palate.

Having some fun with it

Life is like a BOTTL box, you never know what you’re gonna get! The excitement comes when it arrives on your doorstep.

how it works in a nutshell...

1. Choose Your Colours
2. Define Your Budget
3. Get Spinning
4. Select your frequency

It’s that easy

Try before you subscribe


If you like the idea of BOTTL but want to dip a toe in, before diving head first, pop your BOTTL cherry (or should we say grape) with our BOTTL Opener – a box of 3 wines that encapsulate what BOTTL is all about.

It’s a taster, without the commitment.

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